Lago Film Fest XIII | NARIAS
XIII International Festival of Short Films, Documentaries and Screenplays | July 21rst - 29th 2017 | Revine Lago - Italy | Festival Internazionale di Cortometraggi, Documentari e Sceneggiature | 21 - 29 luglio 2017 | Revine Lago - Treviso diretto da Viviana Carlet e Carlo Migotto
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Veludere, Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua
© Angela Colonna

Ca’ Foscari University introduces NARIAS, a project focused on the narration of industrial, artisanal and social innovations, designed by the Laboratory on Management of Arts and Cultures, one of the leading Italian centres for research and training on cultural productions and creative industries. NARIAS responds to the growing interest of business firms for visual narratives, now extensively demanded for their ability to creatively convey corporate values and support the enhancement of organizational identities. NARIAS gave substance to the idea of corporate video-storytelling: the use of film language to transform into “stories” the discourses with which entrepreneurs and managers construct the mission, convey the value generated by business firms and motivate human resources.

OMP_Rachele Casato 1
July 27th
09.00 p.m. – Vicolo Arco
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