a project of Lago Film Fest

Dance returns to Lago again, demanding new fields to thrive in: our usual program of site-specific performances will go hand in hand with a selection of videos and short films about dance.

What is Lago Dance Fest

«Dance disappears almost at the moment of its manifestation.» —Crystal Pite
Dance at Lago is site-specific. Defying the very laws governing the art, we imagined the whole of Lago teeming with dancing bodies. Sometimes reflected on the walls of stone or captured by the reflection of the water; other times clearly and vigorously present in its alleys and courtyards in an unexpected, intoxicating, magical atmosphere in constant dialogue with the audience.
Today, these dancing bodies respond to an increasingly pressing demand for relentless experimentation, use of new technologies and cross-contamination of the different languages of the arts. Cinema and dance mergeand let
themselves be seduced from one another in one single, great work, to find new paths and answers in a period of such historical uncertainty, overwhelming communication and yet technological isolation, and of immense possibility, at once.
Besides the performances, the special program Moving Bodies is a focus group on dance screening, a segment now in full development that unites artists of different backgrounds collaborating in the creation of moving images, in an attempt to make dance indelible, an art that, by its very nature, disappears at the moment of its manifestation and vanishes as soon as it is fulfilled.

See the video if you want to know more.