Lago Film Fest 2020

Lago Film Fest was born 16 years ago with a very clear objective: to create a place of encounter for artists in this particularly welcoming region and landscape. An environment that supports sharing and inspires creative engagement. A space for authentic connection and dialogue. That’s what Lago has become since year one, and never stopped being since.

To create relations between diverse entities and audiences, to build bridges between worlds apparently distant from one another. This is what we do. Always simple, always bold and determined.

Our role hasn’t changed, even now. We’re perhaps quieter, in a way, and more responsive to the urgent needs of those who are suffering and struggling, but we’re also 100% focused and determined to keep going and and pushed by a strong will to keep building on our strengths.

This year, Lago Film Fest will still happen despite the unprecedented circumstances, and will be there for the extended community that has always welcomed it over the past years. For the artists who continue to portray the present and for all those who keep working and planning new projects no matter what.

Lago’s on.
We’re all here.

Viviana Carlet, Morena Faverin, Emiliano Bernardi, Carlo Migotto
& the whole of the LFF team

Stay tuned
for more updates!