Set design 2009


The settings are inspired by the legend of the mythological ghost ship, wrecked near Buona Speranza Cape, which nowadays sailors could still see thorough frightening waves of the cape.
The project plan the realization of a wooden door setted thorough the irregular volumes and shapes of village buildings and in this way it will announce the magnificent way in of the festival. Next a corridor of minimal structures follow the visitors thorough the narrow streets and courtyards at the discovering of the screenings, till they reach the lake’s shores.

Francesco Gorni and Serena Montesissa are both architects. Francesco, after the degree and a short experience in Rotterdam in the Van
Lieshout atelier, finally reach Milan, where he starts a collaboration with Fort
atelier, testing and learning to work with wood, thorough a creative process that begins with the conception of the project and ends with the realisation. Currently is a free-lance and take on his own research in hand-made design.
Serena studies architecture in Venice and Milan, where she now collaborates with an engineering and architectural office. Is part of the organization of the festival since the first edition, giving an hand throughout the year, both in the effective organisation and in the management of the events, people and spaces during the weeks of the Festival.