Themed short film competition

Special Event
July 23rd
9.00 p.m. – Cortile Sasso


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To give a voice to the territory, the stories and the people. To bring out the worth of collective memory and make it known and help it survive over time. These are the goals of Colliwood, themed short film competition curated by the Youth Association of Colle Umberto. Traces is the theme of the second edition recently launched at Lago. A theme that may be broadly interpreted to facilitate the personal expression

and imagination of participants. Very diverse entries were submitted with a wide range of interpretations and stories. The first prize was awarded to the surrealist short The time I met the invisible spirit of my grandfather and he was furious about losing his home, by GBO.IS. The next theme of the competition will be announced during the 13th edition of Lago Film Fest, as is tradition.