A rib of Lago Film Fest in the small Balearic paradise

Special Screening
July 26th
10.45 p.m. – Riva del Lago


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The Formentera Film Festival is an international short film festival founded in the small Balearic paradise in 2011 from a rib of Lago Film Fest, and namely by Viviana Carlet and Carlo Migotto – its directors – in collaboration with Silvio Bandinelli and Monica Timperi. Yes, precisely them. They have made it their own magnetic, independent creature that still has with Lago a fruitful long-distance relationship, constantly exchanging ideas, material and suggestions. The festival has biennial editions and just had its fifth this past May. Also friends from ZERO were part of it and created the instant-short Cliché, shot and edited in 48 hours. A collection of our favourite cinematic stereotypes that we will be screening at Lago in its extended version.