JURY 2007

Rodolfo Sonego award

Vitaliano Trevisan . writer/actor . Vicenza . 1960
He is a very capable artist. He is good at writing, at acting both in cinema and theatre. He published “Un mondo meraviglioso”, “Trio senza pianoforte/oscillazioni”, “Standards vol.1”, “I quindicimila passi”, “Shorts”. He was the screen-writer and the main actor of “Primo amore”, the latest film by Matteo Garrone and screen-writer of “Still life”, by Filippo Cipriano.

Emilio Randon . journalist . Vicenza . 1950
He is a journalist, who has been working for the national newspapers, as “Paese sera”. Nowadays he writes in different Veneto newspapers, which belong to Caracciolo-Espresso group. He is in charge of the artists selection.

Vincenzo Pipino . writer . Venice . 1943
He has just become a writer but his acting career in cinema began a long time ago. He acted in the comedy “Tre sull’altalena” by Luciano Lunari and in many other films.

Short films and documentaries

Carlo Bazan . film-maker . Treviso . 1953
He has produced many films and documentaries, most of them focus on ethnography. He collaborates with the university of Ferrara and he is director of a centre for the creation of multimedia products.
He is the creator and the director of the website documentario italiano, which is a non-profit portal.

Elvio Del Monte . town-planner . Switzerland . 1969
He is an architect and a town planner. He created the “Foodstock entertainment”, which is a creative team arranging and promoting social and cultural events.

Francesco Meneghini . video-artist . Vicenza . 1977
He is an artist, a graphic and motion designer. He collaborates with Fabrica, which is an organization focused on different aspects of communication.
He has worked as artistic director on several occasions and he collaborates with different international artists and different organizations.

Livio Pacella . actor/film-maker . Taranto . 1976
Between 1995-1996 he attended the “Teatrocontinuo” school, headed by Nin Scolari. In 1997 together with Pino Costalunga he founded “Glossa teatro”, which is a cultural association.

Giulio Tami . video-maker . Cividale del Friuli . 1979
He is a writer, a film-maker and an artist. He is half Italian and half Australian and he has been working for a long time in this sector. His great skills focus on different kinds of narration.