The best Polish shorts from Short Waves Festival 2017

This edition of the Festival we looked widely and cross the boundaries but we also remembered about our own backyard. There is a lot going on, a new generation of directors is growing, whose films are worth to show and appreciate because of valuable and unconventional themes. Arthouse interwinds with genre cinema and

besides important social themes there is also a place for comedy and experiment. Films selected to the program divide a lot but with no doubt they are connected by three characteristics: they are short, good and Polish.

Special Screening
July 23rd
11.00 p.m. – Lido
July 27th
10.30 – Livelet Schermo
July 28th
10.30 – Vicolo Arco


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Agnieszka Elbanowska / 2016 / 16’ / Doc
In the small, central Polish town of Aleksandrów Kujawski, the director of the local culture centre announces a competition. The theme is a creative presentation of your personal patriotic attitude. Entrants are free to demonstrate their creativity in whatever form they like.


Joanna Satanowska / 2016 / 26’ / Fiction
Dorothy is a clairvoyant. During the day she works at the Institute of Physics and in the evenings she attends the Fortune Tellers Anonymous meetings. Matters get complicated when she meets Sprat – a young, small-town criminal.


Emi Buchwald / 2016 / 20’ / Doc
In one elementary school children are told to learn Julian Tuwim’s poem “Science” by heart as homework. The poetic phrase is sometimes incomprehensible, some words require explanation, but parents come to their aid.


Artur Hanaj / 2016 / 5’ / Anima
If you want the dough to rise, mix flour with yeast and milk. Then put the dough in warmth, so it rises a bit. Finally knead it well, place in the baking tin and put in the oven.


Zofia Kowalewska / 2016 / 19’ / Doc
Forty five years of marriage is an impressive anniversary. Eight years ago Zdzisław left Barbara for his lover. Recently he decided to get back to his wife. However everyday life in one apartment seems to be quite a challenge for the married couple.