A selection of the finest works by the new generation of Argentinian young filmmakers

A new generation of very young filmmakers, offspring of what in the early 2000s was the New Argentine Cinema, is making its presence felt. Profession: cineastз, echoing Antonioni’s famous film, presents a selection of their best work and reflects on the possible futures – or present – of contemporary fiction from the Deep South.

The short films in this focus find in the freedom of genre a door to reveal a different Buenos Aires, full of fiction, gender, dance-steps and humor. It is not at all coincidental that this desire to experiment with fiction comes from Latin America’s most European city, from the lands of Borges, Cortázar, Bioy Casares and Puig. There the desire still persists to tell stories, to become superheroes, to talk about ships and oceans, to play policeman and thief (or spy and spied upon), to continue to see cinema not only as art that proposes thought, but also as what Mèlies had discovered, long ago and far away, that art of enchantment, magic, and charm.

La selezione:

Monstruo Dios – Agustina San Martín
Argentina / 2019 / 10′ / fiction

Pasajes – Leonardo Cardemil
Argentina / 2021 / 10′ / fiction

¡ESPÍAS! – Tomás Guiñazú
Argentina / 2018 / 29′ / fiction

Las sombras – Paulo Pécora
Argentina / 2020 / 18′ / fiction

Siesta de verano – Ignacio Codino
Argentina / 2021 / 11′ / fiction

Chico Eléctrico – Ingrid Pokropek
Argentina / 2021 / 28′ / fiction