Lago Live Radio opens a window on the world from Lago Film Fest

Each movement of cultural resistance has its Radio Londres. For the third consecutive year, Lago Live Radio opens a window on the world from Lago Film Fest. Directed by Guido Beretta, this project disseminates topics otherwise undiscussed and confined to the festivals’ self-referential circuit on the waves of Radio Belluno. Lago Live Radio may be the first reasoned attempt to a short film literacy programme. Every day, it focuses on what was screened the night

before and on the upcoming films of the day, it intercepts directors and guests and takes the pulse of short film cinema. Its secret is to disguise as an entertainment programme by even featuring the bad boys of ZERO in a programme within the programme. ZERO, a video pirate collective, feels at home at Lago, by now. Lago Live Radio is available via live radio, in streaming format and as podcast since last year.

The radio broadcast is produced thanks to the support of Manzotti Automobili, Citroën and DS dealer in Ponte nelle Alpi and Conegliano; Palazzo Fulcis, the new civic museum of Belluno and Alpe del Nevegal, a stunning terrace overlooking the Dolomites


the new radio format by ZERO

In the Cussack dialect, the word Orospo stands for the “starry sky reflection on the water” or, in their military terminology, the “peaceful occupation of a small territory for the cultivation of figs”. Orospo is indeed the incomprehensible radio daily by ZERO, pirate filmmakers exploring radio waves at Lago Film Fest.  In a mix of random guests and weird moments, the only sure thing is that you shouldn’t take them too seriously, as it goes for that Cussack’s story.