Games of plastic shapes in Lago

The main feature of Lago Film Fest is to be an outdoor festival where videos are shown in places that are far beyond any common idea of a cinema hall. Following this idea, Agne Raceviciute, a young Lithuanian artist, has made a set design suitable just for this festival. The main idea, developed walking through the town, is to recreate that atmosphere of social intimacy typical of the Lumier’s view of cinema: long pieces of a black light material will divide different spaces, isolating but wrapping together all the Festival areas. Lively games of plastic shapes will move as figures animated by the wind.

Agne Raceviciute was born in Klapeida, Latvia, on 11th January 1988.
After having moved in Italy, she got a diploma in Art. In 2006 she created Alemon, a project that was developed both as a short film to be presented during the 90th collective of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation as composition of music made for woodturning pottery. She collaborated with Canedicoda for the realization of the t-shirt line CQQ, for the fanzine Faronte and for the dvd Infinite mind published by 8mm records. In the 2007 she works in several projects of photography creating installation where environment and dresses melt up in a unique form. In the 2008 at the Esposizione Prima of Solighetto (Tv) she presents: “Il piacere del Vestiario” a sort of parody of fashion photography, part of a project in progress.