A food and wine stand open every evening of the festival offering marvellous fair trade ethnic dinners and cooking shows. Only at Lago you will find the famous panìn col pastìn (soft panini with traditional sausage filling), and a mouthwatering special each day. Try delights like the juicy Greek-style barley salad, the crusty potato pie with organic goat Robiola cheese, the tasty falafels with penny royal mint, the light and fresh courgette and mint couscous, the aromatic Black Venus rice with garden veggies, and many more. All dishes are skillfully prepared by our guest chefs using excellent local products (including the Magrello goat cheese by Latteria Perenzin and the Grillo di Colmajor from the dairy co-op of Tarzo and Revine Lago), masterfully blended with the genuine ingredients of the NaturaSì.