A Shape of Film to Come #1: Carl Olsson & Sarah Möller in dialogue

Con Carl Olsson, Sarah Möller, Sofía Castro, Francesca Poglie e Mirta Ursula Gariboldi

Friday 23 July 2022

A Shape of Film to Come is a new festival talk format that puts Lago Film Fest guests in dialogue to investigate and reason together about the art of cinema, the cinema of the future and to answer the question: what is the shape of cinema to come? 

A Shape of Film to Come is developed in a schedule of meetings open to all with the most interesting names in contemporary cinema.

The Lago Dance talks are informal and sincere lounges featuring directors, filmmakers, dancers, choreographers, curators. This year we have Carl Olsson and Sarah Möller as guests who will allow us to open a window on how cinema and dance interact and how cinematographic and choreographic movement intersect. How the filmmaker uses dance in his work and vice versa how the choreographer or performer uses cinema. The differences and the similarities. We will also try to explain how to enter and start in the world of dance screening if you are a filmmaker or choreographer-performer and what are the prerequisites for a fruitful collaboration.