Borders – LFF2019

1 secret location, 31 portraits in 48h

A photographic exhibition by Sara Pellegrino and Francesco Croce.
The first boundary we have to deal with is that of our person in relation to the surrounding contingent reality. If we were to visualize this boundary, it would certainly be our skin. However, this epidermal border is constantly overshadowed by anything as it becomes a civilized body (clothes, tan, tattoos, cosmetic surgery, post-production) in constant hiding.

People live constantly conditioned by nudity⁠—no matter if inner or phenomenological. Habit takes on the function of protecting the intimacy and distancing of one’s body from others’ and one’s surroundings. On the shores of the lake of Lago, immersed in a nature where one’s body can laid bare and find itself in a continuum with the landscape, undressing becomes the pivotal point of every movement.