“Comaneci” is a registered trademark, more than a band. A brand that recalls homemade simplicity, naked slow sounds, house concerts, most unconventional tours. The artist blends with the audience and the audience is one with the artist – as it used to be in folk music happenings in the 60’s – in a ritual that is a collective experience other than a mere concert.
In Comaneci, Francesca Amati teams up with Glauco Salvo to present the live version of their best bits: their new album “You A Lie” is an unexpected coup de théâtre that introduces a wiser, more mature band that goes beyond indie/chamber influences or vocal bravura to open up to the world. An obscure world told by slower, gloomier sounds than ever that even dare flirt with noise, next to delicate ballads and brilliant country songs.

COMANECI live at Lago Film Fest 2010
On 26th July, at 10 p.m.


DOGS IN A FLAT: a night with Peggy
Dogs In A Flat was formed at the beginning of 2007 in Vittorio Veneto and it was during the same summer that the group started to play live, culminating with the recording of their debut CD ‘Demons In Love’. It was in that same period that they released the music video for the song ‘Is this love?’ which would go on to win the ‘Best music video’ prize at the 2007 Fiati Corti film festival. Following this success, the group entered an intense period which saw them working on their live act and developing new material for their upcoming album ‘Days before the robbery’. They expanded their line-up, and the inclusion of two new musicians saw Dogs In A Flat beginning to establish their own unique sound. They subsequently embarked on a series of live dates, festivals, radio interviews and live in-studio recordings, all the while establishing a growing fan base. The release of ‘Days before the robbery’ and it’s sold-out launch party in December 2009 marks a giant step forward for Dogs In A Flat creatively. With songwriting contributions by no less than four different members of the group, ‘Days before the robbery’ is mature, varied and inventive, yet has that unmistakable ‘Dogs’ familiarity. 2010 promises to be the year in which Dogs In A Flat will move beyond their status as a local phenomenon, taking their music to a broader audience and gaining the widespread recognition that they deserve.
Dogs in a flat are: Dogs in a flat are:
Michele Scarpulla – Stephen Trollip – Jordan Buttignol, – Lisa Cappellazzo – Federica Capra – Patrizio Pellizzon
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DOGS IN A FLAT live at Lago Film Fest 2010
“Una notte con Peggy” / “A night with Peggy”
On July 23rd at 10 pm
Dogs In A Flat proudly premier their new and long awaited video, ‘Peggy’s night’, taken from the album ‘Days before the robbery’, following the award winning ‘Is this love’ from their debut album ‘Demons in love’.


Is an art project launched in 2004, where different aesthetic models distant in time blend with each other.
Papier Collés transforms fragments of classical music in new, unrecognizable pieces of music. Musical anagrams which represent interesting reflections on the potential of sound. The active and static nature – drums and digital sound – set against each other in the performance, just like their original cultures do: contemporary and electronic improvised music.
This project uses diverse aesthetic elements in full freedom so as to question the conceptual habits of common sense. It plays with what is real and what is not and tries to underline all the shades and possible reflections that electronic recording allows in contemporary art fruition. The Papiers Collés project was mentioned and exhibited at the 2005 National Multimedia Arts Awards supported by the Italian Ministry of Education, Department of University Research in Arts and Science.
Lorenzo Commisso _ computer audio
Stefano Giust _ batteria / drums
Alan De Cecco _ computer video

PAPIER COLLÉS live at Lago Film Fest 2010
On July 24th, at 10pm


International festival of street musicians
The Festival started in 1987 as a project of Stefano Bottoni, followed by a format developed over the years by Luigi Russo, the Managing Director.
For many spectators from all over Italy and, significantly, even from abroad, the Festival is an exciting tour around the world in search of familiar and exotic sounds; it’s a passionate-treasure-hunt to discover the most original instruments, the most inspired performances and the most fanciful costumes. It is, above all, an endless mobile jamboree, that moves in a thousand directions, that invades the streets and squares of one of the most beautiful city centres of Italy.

20/29 agosto 2010
FBF will invade Lago’s open spaces during the nine days long festival.