MOVING BODIES is Lago Film Fest’s competition dedicated to video dance from around the world.

Moving Bodies is the Lago Film Fest competition dedicated to videodance from all around the world.The selected films are small jewels, short visual stories, sensorial tales that transport far, projecting the essence of dance beyond the border of the stage and theater. If we want, they are courageous acts of making indelible an art, which in itself, disappears in the very moment of its manifestation, it vanishes in its completion, trying to make it immortal. Cinema and dance, merge and let themselves be seduced by each other in one great work.

Moving Bodies is part of the Lago Dance project which aims to create a BAUHAUS of dance that maintains within itself the co-production, the idea of active laboratory, the deep union of all artistic disciplines making them converge in a harmonious interaction. Realizing a perfect cultural union, a Gesamtkunstwerk, a synthesis of the arts in the highest, noblest, most utopian and prolific sense.

The selection

IO | OI – Francesco Lorusso

Italy / 8’ / 2021 / Dance Video

Shifting Tools – Mattia Cursi & Francesca Santamaria

Italy / 1’ / 2020 / Dance Video

La Galerie – Loup-William Théberge

Canada / 11’ / 2021 / Dance Video / Italian Premiere

ONTKOPPELLING – Collective 2Deform

Germany / 7’ / 2021 / Dance Video

Yurodivy – Ryan Renshaw

Australia / 3’ / 2021 / Dance Video

Moving Through Waiting Rooms – Sarah Choo Jing

Singapore / 6’ / 2020 / Italian Premiere

Downfall – Rona Fayad

Lebanon / 3’ / 2021 / Dance Video

Anamnesis – Evaggelia Lousioti

Greece / 2’ / 2021 / Dance Video / Italian Premiere