Lago Film Fest hommages Swiss director Cyril Schäublin

A Silver Bear in Encounters at the Berlinale 2022, Swiss filmmaker Cyril Schäublin has managed to become a leading name in international independent cinema thanks to several short films and two successful feature films. Taking its cue from contemporary Swiss society and beyond, the Swiss filmmaker’s cinema is an example of attention to formal research linked to an analysis of a community in a state of change. A cinema that investigates under the skin of modernity and its absurdities through an approach that foregrounds human relations in the age of technological advancement.

Lago Film Fest, in its nineteenth edition, has decided to pay homage to Cyril Schäublin with a fireworks dedicated to him that will bring to the shores of the lake, in addition to a number of short films, his debut feature film Those Who Are Fine, a corollary of the aesthetic and political research of the first phase of his career and which will have as its mirror the recent, multi-award-winning Unrest.

The selection:

Lenny – Cyril Schäublin

Germany / 17′ / 2009 / Fiction

Modern Times – Cyril Schäublin

Switzerland/Germany / 9′ / 2013 / Documentary

Postcard – Cyril Schäublin

Switzerland / 3′ / 2022 / Documentary

Those Who Are Fine – Cyril Schäublin

Switzerland / 71’/ 2017 / Fiction

Cyril Schäublin (*1984) grew up in Zurich and studied cinema in Beijing and in Berlin. His films premiered at festivals such as Berlinale, Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam, Viennale or at the New York Film Festival and were presented at Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in New York or at Kunsthaus Zürich.