Real-time minicamera

Vasco, Syria:
the poetics of the Blob
is infectious.

You may know Fabio Masi even if you don’t know you do. In the hectic cut-and-paste excitement of Blob, which Masi historically authored and directed, he was mainly known for his rare dilated breaks, real-time minicameras and the many and farraginous personalities found even in elevators. For extorting improvs from showman Fiorello and getting intellectual Franco Battiato pissed. Among others, he created the compilation of Hybris’ stalking

missions at the Venice Film Festival later screened at Lago back in 2014. However, Masi has also lent his vocation of an unconventional chronicler to a number of independent projects that were in some cases astonishing already on paper. It is hard to believe that a frankly not too postmodern, rock-hard icon like Vasco could volunteer for the treatment, and yet Masi – who’s a real fan – steals a singer’s cardboard cut-out and dreams of him.

The Decalogue of Vasco is made up of these unlikely dreams and a heart-felt, humorous documentary with little trace of cardboard. We’ll tandem-screen it with another documentary – Warkinprogress – a new film on the Syrian conflict featuring cluster bombs, cruise missiles, white phosphor bombs, sarin gas and chlorine bombs. Vasco, Syria: the poetics of the Blob is infectious.

Fabio Masi / 2016 / 60’ / Documentary

Special Screening
July 23rd
10.30 p.m. – Vicolo Arco
July 27th
11.00 p.m. – Vicolo Arco

Fabio Masi / 2017 /25’ / Documentary

Special Screening
July 24th
11.00 p.m. – Vicolo Arco
July 28th
9.00 p.m. – Riva del Lago
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