Deaf Jury – Special Award Rimi Visivi


Fabio Zamparo graduated in Languages, Civilizations, and Language Sciences, specifically in linguistic studies, from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, and later qualified as a LIS (Italian Sign Language) Teacher. In addition to his profession as a teacher, Fabio is a Visual Vernacular (VV) performer, a visual artistic expression that originates from Sign Language and Deaf Culture. He is also an internationally recognized videomaker. His goal is to portray the wonderful world of the Deaf and contribute to discovering its innovations, perspectives, and knowledge.


Anastasia Lekontseva is a professional queer photographer specializing in events and artistic projects, as well as a videomaker. She obtained a three-year degree in photography from LABA in Brescia and is currently studying visual and multimedia communication at Sapienza University in Rome to further professionalize her skills. She is one of the four Italian Deaf artists who, along with Fabio Zamparo, were selected for an international Deaf art camp in Norway in August 2023. Anastasia has a very specific and attentive perspective on Deaf art and culture. She has served as a juror for several photography awards, receiving national and international recognition as a photographer and video artist. Currently, she is in Brussels working on a videographic project. Her passions include traveling and exploring the world of art.


Nikita Lymar (NikitArt) is a multidisciplinary Deaf artist, specializing in sign language poetry and theater performances. He graduated in Moscow and has been living and working in Italy for several years. He is a non-verbal communication teacher and has performed in various festivals worldwide, including the Festival del Silenzio in Milan and the Edinburgh Theatre Festival. He is considered one of the leading experts in Deaf art in Europe and has been selected for international collaboration projects.