A new model of interactive tourism

This year, the natural path surrounding the lakes of Revine Lago will be populated by legendary creatures from fantastical worlds, visible to the human eye only thanks to augmented reality. I Laghi Aumentati / The Augmented Lakes will be the first augmented reality art walk devised to enrich a natural landscape and integrate with its natural surroundings. This initiative aims to attract new visitors, stimulating the imagination and the creation of new legends aimed at children and related to

the lacustrine environment. Five permanent art installations, composed of a metal frame and an information panel, have been placed along the path running along the northern shore of the lakes. While the frames capture the beautiful landscape, the panels work as activators: looking at them through a smartphone camera will bring to life a digital animation, especially designed to interact with its natural surroundings.

I Laghi Aumentati combines a natural walk with the artistic exploration made possible by technological innovation. A new model of interactive tourism and an innovative way of experiencing and promoting the region, accessible to a wide audience and open to the territory. I Laghi Aumentati was financed by the Municipality of Revine Lago and developed through the collaboration between Bepart and Lago Film Fest.

July 22th
Opening Tour – 06.00 p.m. at Parco Del Livelet
Presentation of the project – 09.00 p.m. at Vicolo Arco