Mara Miccichè did a Master of Arts in Music in Zu?rich. Having played in different bands, she discovered her true devotion for the combination of different art forms to create multimedia-experiences for specific projects. Today, IOKOI is her main project. “nowHere” between Italy and Switzerland IOKOI is moving between Ambient, Drones and Pop. Her Sens-ears wide open to catch the essence of each impulse. She performs in theatres, at concerts or during live scorings of silent movies, playing with wideness and intimacy, organic growth and electronics, pulse and breathe, pictures and sound. With “Growing Young” IOKOI met the nerve of the artist Yohji Yamamoto who underlined with her work the trailer of his fall/winter 2012 collection. IOKOI entered again in to a dialogue with the world of fashion, going back to a long-term collaboration with the Label MIRYAKI that includes video and audio projects.


At the Lago Film Fest IOKOI and two members of IOCI, Martin Boyer and Pablo Assandri (Institute of Incoherent Cinematography), will live score two silent movies from Maya Deren, “Meshes of the afternoon” and “At Land”. A very deep experience not to be missed.