Lago Film Fest 2012

Eighth Edition 20 – 28 July 2012


“We’ve been called reckless, but we’re just young people who believe in a dream we keep on living and cherishing. It’s now eight years that we’re building up, with patience and passion, a space/time for meeting and exchange, creating relationships and bringing the world to our home; that’s the best of places, for it tells our story and needs oxygen to live and grow. We’re a group of youngs that grew in number over the years, and accrued new capabilities; we believe in turn-over and wish that other ones will take our place, and learn as well, by doing and creating; and wish that it’ll mean the same to them: an urge, the need to simply live, the “How” being the most important part. Lago Film Fest is simply life, believing and knowing that everything is possible. We started up dreaming and now we just can’t quit.”
Viviana Carlet
Art Director