The magic of a location, like that of a film, is composed of multi-sensorial elements. LOST is a derivation, or a deviation, if you so wish: it’s the attempt to shift the attention from the well-trodden path of images to the occult persuasion of the fabric of sounds that envelops them. It could be the acronym of Lago Original SoundTrack as well as a warning that we might constantly be missing out on something. LOST is one of the first attempts – if not the actual first – in Italy to read and celebrate sound that is tied to the filmic experience, in all of its forms

and possibilities, musical or ambient, found or recreated. Musicians, sound engineers and protagonists of cinema history will be in Lago to select the best sounding Italian short in competition, and to meet the audience in a series of multifaceted encounters on the magic of composition: Thomas Giorgi, Lorenzo Tomio, Sara Loreni and Giulio Favero, with the participation of maestro Federico Savina. After meeting the, you won’t listen to anything the same way again.