Leyla Rodriguez: exiled textiles in the village of Lago – LFF2021

Leyla Rodriguez, a German-Argentinean multidisciplinary artist and juror of the Nuovi Segni competition, is exhibiting her project Homeless in the streets of Lago

In 2006, Leyla began collecting textiltaggX, a collection of abandoned textiles that to date consists of 237 pieces. This gave rise to Homeless, an intervention in public space around the world, which aims to deliver orphaned domestic textiles to a new life on the streets.


Leyla Rodriguez has been travelling around Europe since 1984, where she arrived with her family of musicians, fleeing the dictatorship in Argentina. The journey, the loss of identity and of the concept of homeland play a central and recurring role in her art, and as substitutes, family members, music and animals become the starting point for complex characters. 

At Lago Film Fest Leyla has already been present with the film BOOM in 2020, in Italy she has already exhibited on several occasions, including at the MAXXI in Rome, but she had not yet brought the project Homeless, which has travelled all over the world from Denmark to Uruguay and now arrives in Revine Lago.


It will be at the Espanso Festival, in the non-competitive section of LFF2021, that the artist transformed into Leylox, her alter ego with a face resembling a rabbit, will install 7 textiltaggX, which we invite you to discover.


Homeless will be open 24 hours a day in the village of Lago, and on 31 July at 7 pm there will be a guided tour of the installation in the presence of the artist.