The concept of soundtrack is extended to natural sound and field recording. Sara Loreni and Giulio Ragno Favero will compose a soundtrack specifically from their experience of Lago Film Fest, recording its sounds and noises, modulating them through a Loop Machine and countering them with less unusual musical instruments. The result will be presented to the audience during the final days of the festival.


Special Event
July 27th
11.00 p.m. – Riva del Lago
July 29th
9.00 p.m. – Livelet Schermo

Biophonic combines experimental music and animation starting from the scientific study of sounds from the sea. The first story, #0, was inspired by a news story: last February, 400 whales were stranded on the New Zealand beach of Golden Bay, in all likelihood because of some military experiments with heavy sonar usage. Thanks to the collaboration with French research group Chorus, the sounds used for the project come directly from the sea, recorded over months through giant hydrophones and capturing the conversations of cetaceans, crustaceans and other sea creatures. Biophonic is a project by Maddalena Pasqua and Lorenzo Tomio, with animations by Pierre Bourrigault and Elisa Fabris and music by Lorenzo Tomio.


Special Screening
July 24th
10.00 p.m. – Livelet Schermo


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Blogothèque is a Parisian production company with the far from modest aim of changing the way people experience music. Their much acclaimed Take Away Shows, dubbed as “the reinvention of music videos” by the New York Times, are a series of video podcasts, available for free online, where the likes of Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, REM, Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros (among others) indulge them with improvised gigs in intimate or unusual locations, from the Musée d’Orsay to an ordinary sitting room. Lago Film Fest is clearly very proud of this collaboration, which will be celebrated with a special screening of their best Take Away Shows.

Alt-J (∆) / A Take Away Show / Francia / 2012
Arcade Fire / A Take Away Show / Francia /2013
Beirut / Nantes – A Take Away Show / Francia 2007
Benjamin Clementine / Condolence – A Take Away Show / Francia / 2015
Bon Iver / Lump Sum – A Take Away Show / Francia / 2008
Jack White at Chateau de Fontainebleau – A Take Away Show / Francia / 2014
Lola Marsh / You’re mine/Sirens – A Take Away Show / Francia / 2016
Of Monsters and Men / Bushmills – Still rooms session / Francia / 2013
Papooz / Ann wants to dance – A Take Away Show / Francia / 2016
Phoenix in Versailles – A Take Away Show / Francia / 2013
St Paul and broken bones / Half city – A Take Away Show / Francia / 2014