Lago Film Fest dedicates the first Italian complete retrospective to Florence Miailhe, world famous animator.

Active since the early 90’s Florence Miailhe is one of the most famous animators in the world, able to become, with her unique and complex pictorial style, a point of reference in the world of animation.

Florence Miailhe, trained as a painter, has managed to combine painting and animation by analyzing and researching the themes of the body and sensuality through stories taken from The Thousand and One Nights and from social gathering places, such as Turkish baths or village festivals, among others.

Lago Film Fest dedicates this first Italian complete retrospective to Florence Miailhe in order to introduce to the Italian public one of the most important animators of the last 30 years, as well known at home and abroad as yet to be discovered in Italy.

The films of the retrospective will be available both in presence and online with English subtitles.

The selection:


Hammam / Florence Miailhe / 1991 / Animation / France / 9’


Schéhérazade / Florence Miailhe / 1995 / Animation / France / 16’


Histoire d’un prince devenu borgne et mendiant / Florence Miailhe / 1996 / Animation / France / 16’


Au Premier Dimanche d’Août / Florence Miailhe / 2001 / Animation / France / 11’


Les oiseaux blancs, les oiseaux noirs / Florence Miailhe / 2002 / Animation / France / 4’


Conte de Quartier / Florence Miailhe / 2005 / Animation / France / 15’


Méandres / Florence Miailhe / 2013 / Animation / France / 23’