From politics to sex, from religion to death. Live! makes more than 100.000 Italian readers laugh every day, by telling about the Crisis Age (and the Twitter Age). This satirical authors collective presents its new book: “La vita e bella ma non ci vivrei”, ranging from politics to sex, form religion to death.A recent referendum in North Korea has glorified them as the new satire trend.Surreal and visionary creators are ready to catch you and win over you, without waiting for the UN permit.

Lo Sgargabonzi live!

After twenty years of 41bis and the popularity of the shocking novel “Gunther Brodolini Adventures”, Alessandro Gori comes back to Italy with is Sgargabonzi Live! A show full of impudent and politically not correct satire, accompanied by the homosexual pianist Marco Luchi.  News about Down’s Syndrome, five ways to tell a bad joke, homage to the great De Andre but also to his father Fabrizio, seance with Jesus and then start again with Russian roulette with the public without fake (blonde) mustache, on live real stroke. And finally, classic burlesque show with flannel and faces. Participants will be presented with promotional diamonds and Volvos (no more than three per person).