Surfin Iran – LFF2019

An exhibition by  Giulia Frigieri

With Surfing Iran, breathtaking photographic reportage, documentary photographer Giulia Frigieri tells us of a revolutionary movement taking place in Baluchistan, Iran, that has the unusual combination of surfboard and hijab as its signature trait. Frigieri graduated in Anthropology and Media, and later specialized in visual storytelling. She was absolutely moonstruck with Iran since her first trip back in 2014. She heard about this surfing-related phenomenon from a friend, and she immediately decided to portray the movement through photography.

Shahla Yasini, the leader of the surfer movement of the village of Ramin, and the first Iranian woman to have ever practiced surf in Iran, became the protagonist of her photographic project.

In perfect Lago Film Fest style, the photographic exhibition will be set up along the lake shore to be enjoyed while walking along the floating walkway.