If cinema is still a fetishist matter (not only for compulsive streamers), it is thanks to people like him. The “movie painter” Renato Casaro is the iconic poster artist who you will be introduced to, although you already know him. Thinking about A Fistful of Dollars, Dances with Wolves, A Very Little Man, They Call Me Trinity, Trinity Is Still My Name up to The Sheltering Sky will immediately remind you of his posters as a conditioned response. To be clear, the poster in which Nikita turns her back to the audience and the wall is splattered with blood was one of his

own. Just looking at it induced you to rent the movie, even if you didn’t know anything about Besson. During the years Renato Casaro has been racking up awards and illustrious collaborations (he said :’I had a very good relationship with Sergio Leone’). This year Lago Film Fest is graced with his presence. He will present Renato Casaro. The Art of Movie Painting (Edizioni Moderna, 2017), a stunning collection of 200 paintings, which is a journey into the history of cinematic art summing up his career.