Short movies

Many ways to speak about relationships and society, feelings and mind. This section
is just a human look to humanity and the others kinds of life. Few minutes stories,
that in their brief lack of time and of sense, embrace all the mystery that we maybe
will never explain. Invented stories yes, but with a solid foot in the all days reality.



Evidences of reality, reasons of reflections on it. Many times cameras can reach
places that your eyes will never ever imagine, that could not imagine, that won’t
imagine. Revealing new worlds, hided secrets of the well known neighbours.


Script and canvas – Rodolfo Sonego Prizes

The prize is an occasion to remember the masterhead of the Italian cinema
history, scriptwriter and close friend of Alberto Sordi, the National Big Albert.
Dedicated to script: words from whom take shape imagines, projects in fieri.



Through animation technique an artist can freely voice his fantasy and his inner life,
his points of view. Absolutely untied with reality and veracity, it explicate itself in
many different forms, in many different ways.



Children too can find their place in Lago Film Fest. Unicef prize is given to the best
short movie dedicated to them.


Veneto Region

A special look at the tradition, the roots and the creativity of our territory.


Super short movies

Also in an handful of minutes someone can make you smile, horrify, think. In few
scenes tell you a genius idea.


New signs

The new borders of cinema, the new languages of short movie to impress, amaze
or simply show you something else.