Trapezia: special screening

 Screening of Daniele Costa’s documentary “Trapezia”

Trapezia – Daniele Costa
IT / 2022 / 19’ / Documentary

direction: Daniele Costa
screenplay: Daniele Costa
music: Mauro Martinuz
sound design: Marco Furlanetto
cast: Trapezia Stoppia

The work revolves around the figure of Trapezia Stroppia – La Trape, drag queen of Milan’s Toilet Club, performer, artist, “Porta Venezia girl” and other manifestation of Aurelio, a graduate in communication and art education from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. During the pandemic, starting from the first lockdown, Trape initiated a series of videos and directs on her Instagram profile performing inside her private home, in her room, mixing elements of stand-up comedy and intimate drag performances.

Daniele Costa (1992) is a director and audiovisual artist. His research focuses on understanding the human body in two directions of personal introspection. On the one hand, the inner workings of the human body, based on medical-scientific insights; on the other hand, the human singularity, the knowledge of the individual in relation to his history, his world and his person. His projects have been presented in institutions and festivals such as MAXXI Rome, Fondazione Spinola Banna and GAM Turin, National Gallery of Art Tirana (AL), House of King Peter I Belgrade (RS), Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki (SKG), Artevisione Careof and Sky Arte (Milan), Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (Venice).