About The Memorable And The Unforgettable Curated by Daniel Hadenius-Ebner / VIENNA SHORTS

History’s big events and all those (ostensibly) small private moments—cinema thrives on capturing special moments, presenting them in an unusual way, or examining them from different angles. We’re casting a wide net in this program, from the Hindenburg disaster to sinking refugee boats, from personal memories at the Sardinian coast to the quest for a divine spark. And then we end up in a disco, dancing ecstatically, losing ourselves, and making unforgettable memories—until we have to face the world again the next day.

The selection:

A History Of The World According To Getty Images – Richard Misek

Norway / 18′ / 2022 / Documentary

Estate / Summer – Ronny Trocker, Pauline Ginot

Belgium/France / 7′ / 2016 / Fiction

Gli Anni / The Years – Sara Fgaier

Italy / 20′ / 2018 / Experimental

Wednesday with Goddard – Nicolas Ménard

UK / 5′ / 2016 / Animation

In This Silence I Believe – Simon Spitzer

Austria / 17′ / 2023 / Experimental