Launch event of the book from the Concrete Poetry workshop curated by BBDB Studio

Concrete Lake is the result of a two-day workshop organized in March 2019, hosted by Lago Film Fest and organized by BBDB Studio. Eleven creatives were selected (Alfred Agostinelli, Laura Callegaro, Francesco Croce, David Giovanatto, Alberto Fontana, Michele Furfari, Sara Pellegrino, Sofia Pierro, Sofia Piomboni, and asked to contribute with two artifacts of concrete poetry. Concrete Lake is the second issue of an independent publication focused on

concrete poetry. A platform designed to bring disciplines, talents, and people together. BBDB is an independent design studio. A small team of very experienced design professionals, capable to address complex creative challenges. We have fifteen years of international experience working with Fortune 500 businesses as well as with smaller, agile organizations. Our expertise lies in design, direction, and ideas for products, visuals, interactivity and brands.


h. 9.00 p.m.