“Real solitude is in a place that lives for itself and leaves no trace and has no voice for you, and where therefore the stranger is you”
– Luigi Pirandello

Working without mediators on the urban and environmental context must, as an action, be taken as necessity; it must involve itself and come true in that “act local, think global” which aims at improvement, and which the Festival itself seek to encourage. AtelierFraSe offers to intervene directly on Lago’s spaces and volumes – produced by historical cycles of abandonment and reuse -, on the Festival’s places and non-places, in order to lend them a new identity of use in line with the uncommon, temporary settlements hosted by these open air rooms. From the domestic to the urban scale, every built element maintains its peculiar scenic identity and a distinct functionality. The project, through functional and scenic demands, seeks to fulfill those new desires generated by the new scopes and contents offered by the Festival.


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