Archivio dei sogni
Italia- Regno Unito / 2008 / 14’/ Documentario

Carlo Roda is from the Italian coastal town of La Spezia. For over 30 years he has collected thousands of films, from Italian Neo Realist classics to Hollywood horrors. Having once trawled shutdown cinemas and rubbish dumps for forgotten gems, his life’s work now sits in a damp, dusty warehouse.

Radiostan – sulle frequenze dell’Asia Centrale
Russia- Regno Unito / 2010 / 10’ / Documentario

Made as part of the Cinetrain project this short experimental documentary was shot and edited over a five-week period travelling by train between Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and Moscow. Throughout this journey people from different ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds speak of their struggles, immigration, racism, the ‘old days’ in the USSR and their dreams for the future.

Alla ricerca di Josephine
Regno Unito / 2012 / 10’ / Documentario

For over two years my wife and I have been sponsoring Josephine, a Ugandan girl only a few months older than our own daughter, Mango. Finding Josephine is the story of the journey from our middle-class first world living room to rural Uganda as we try to understand the virtues and pitfalls of charity and hope to bring Josephine and Mango together to learn the real meaning of giving, taking, difference and equality.