Leone d’Argento
for the Theater at
Biennale di Venezia

«Anagoor is never popular in the choice of texts, but it is always so, and nobly, in the artistic rendition»

It had to happen. At last, Lago Film Fest meets Anagoor, one of the most radical and brilliant collectives of the contemporary theatre scene, «a theatre in constant tension between the stuttering of barbarism and the pristine splendor of neoclassicism». The comparison with myth – classical myth – is structural to Anagoor, a company founded in Castelfranco Veneto by Simone Derai and Paola Dallan back in 2000, which soon began to swallow new talents like an all-devouring star. First Marco Menegoni (presently the collective’s director with Simone Derai),

then Moreno Callegari, Mauro Martinuz and Giulio Favotto, and many more, in a journey where the long, tireless stage of theatrical apprenticeship meets the world of video images and visual research, philology, history of art, architecture, dance and music. «Anagoor is the cradle where a creation is born that is open to the city and its different generations. Here, in a strenuous attempt to generate a theatrical art of the polis, the educational initiatives in schools, the actions on the territory, the call to the community and the company’s

sea productions happen mlessly.» This takes place in the countryside just outside the town of Treviso, in the area known as the Conigliera (lit. rabbit hutch), both the home to the project and an ex rabbit farm converted into a studio. At this very time, Anagoor is about to be awarded a well-deserved Silver Lion for Theatre at the Venice Biennale. As the award justification goes, «Anagoor is never popular in the choice of texts, but it is always so, and nobly, in the artistic rendition». And we need say no more.

July 23rd
09.30 p.m.
Vicolo Arco