Independent publishing and illustration

Lago Film Fest is true to its passions and the passion for anything “outsider” and anything revolving around independent publishing and illustration, ça va sans dire. This year, illustration takes one step further at the festival and walks out of the playpen and right in the Rodolfo Sonego Prize as a new creative symbiont. Contamination is mutual here. For Diciottocchi, as the illustrating hand of the screenwriters involved in the drafting of a storyboard. For the Prize, through its coming-of-age theme inspired by a ‘90s music video

clip, under the tutoring of Eleonora Antonioni (her Non bisogna dare attenzioni alle bambine che urlano (Never Mind the Screaming Girls) – co-written with Francesca Ruggiero and recently published by Eris Edizioni – is precisely an immersion in the Italian provincial life of the 90s) and illustrator/cartoonist/street artist Martoz. At this point, you do the math and can’t help but think of This Is Not A Love Song, “a bottomless reservoir of universal love songs from which creatives, illustrators and graphic artists

can creatively draw from”. One of their latest works, Video Killed the ‘90s Stars, used the wonders of polygenesis and assigned each illustrator a 90s video clip. That was already enough on their plate create a talk – an ideal continuation of the last Printing Addict one – to compare the two artists and members of the collective on the state of their respective paths and the overall scene. As always, different heads of the same hydra: creative, self-sufficient, impossible to integrate.

July 22th
09.30 p.m.
Vicolo Arco