Ackroyd and Harvey

Sculpture, photography, architecture and ecology are some of the disciplines that intersect in the work of Ackroyd and Harvey. Nature and structure, control and randomness are juxtaposed in their work to reveal a time-based practice with intrinsic bias towards process and event.
They are acclaimed for their work with the light sensitivity of seedling grass and its ability to record complex photographic images, and have exhibited in galleries, museums and sites worldwide, articulating the seductions of time and visibility inherent in the transient organic image.
In 2007 they realised FlyTower on the exterior of London’s National Theatre, whereby they grew the entire north and west face of the landmark Lyttelton flytower with seedling grass. In 2003 they grew the entire interior wall space of a deconsecrated and disused concrete church in south London (Dilston Grove).
Twist, a permanent landmark sculpture opened in December 2008. Visible on entry into Bristol from the M32, the 20-metre high tower is clad in an intensive layering of thin dark grey slates – a waste material from the roofing industry – and is lit using power generated from a combination of solar energy and wind power.
Over the last few years they have made a series of expeditions to the High Arctic with Cape Farewell, looking at the effects of global warming on the ecosystem.

The selection
Art from a Changing Arctic
David Hinton, UK 2005, 60’
Dilston Grove – Ackroyd & Harvey
Kyle Boyd & Charlotte Angel, UK 2003,12’
FlyTower – Ackroyd & Harvey
Duncan Harris, UK 2007, 10’
Stranded – Ackroyd & Harvey
Duncan Harris, UK 2006, 17’

Blue & Joy take over the festival

Blue & Joy are two puppets, realized with a lenguage between the pictorial and the graphic, created by Fabio La Fauci and Daniele Sigalot, artists by now of international success.
the two puppets state an unconventional and anachronistic poetics of the discouragement and the renunciation, above all of that forced optimism of our media universe, our constant surface, propones to us
The charachters are the protagonists of misadventure that grow from the will of Blue, sad and dejected, with the heart broken and a moving yellow tear drop, of satisfying the tragic desire of keeping Joy company. Their stories on canvas, walls, or in 3d are realized from the fusion of image and word and what stun of the works of Blue and Joy is the constant repetition of the subjects-puppets in the same manner.
Blue & Joy, born as comic strips, are heroes with life, actions and a decided failures, but in exchange they are destined to discover new pieces of word and there live for ever. These heroes, superimpose, in the idea and in the surprising results, the artistic production really close to the logic of the Brand which allow the recognizable and the diffusion of a shape-symbol, an identity able to modify and evolve itself, to be always, to imagine and describe, and we are going to hear them to LFF.

Sottobosco c/o Lago Film Festival

Sottobosco is a project launched in 2009. An independent platform for cultural planning, a sharing network for linking and archiving artistic productions.
Sottobosco is an idea that seeks and offers hospitality, an experimental project without a center opened to new partnerships and centered on a collective, co-authorial mission. It started and is now expanding thanks to a vision of knowledge sharing and creating free open sources, with a core team that is enriched with dedicated, specific skills and expertise, project after project.
– with the collaboration of Galleria Contemporaneo –

Dj Set Tech-Ambient: You! Bastard Dj e Gord The Rogue Dj

Onda Su Onde (Wave On Waves) creates a situation of pure musical listening taking advantage of the water’s natural acustic. The shore become an arena and the lake a stage. The speakers will be positioned on boats, in that way the sonic waves will be “liquid pushed” by the water, the music will be more spatialized. This is the main reason of a Tech-Ambient Dj set, a selecta that surfs on deep and whirled atmospheres with sprites of unusual electro armonies and rythms.
Ethereal sounds spread on the lake surface been detected in a subliminal way from the spectator’s ear.


Freaks toys are operated by the public through the use of the mechanism that characterizes them. The performance runs in any space, indoor, outdoor, public and private sectors. May be accompanied by a DJ-freaks working on the creation of appropriate music performance.
“I’ll show my toys to people,you can use them, play with, touch and move them but I’ m proud and very jealous, they are so rare…so be careful”

Sara D’ascanio (Baby Bambolotto) – Mattya Del Grande (Jolly Joker) – Elena Fecit (Marionetta Ballerina) – John Bandieramonte (Giocattolaio) – Sara Leghissa (Marionetta Soldatino) – Carlotta Losurdo (Bambola di pezza) – Carlotta Ros (Carillon)
Contatto/ Contact


On the 29,30 and 31st July 2010 during the Lago Film Fest meeting there will be the possibility to take part in a 3 day training course of harmonic and vibratory singing, conducted by the French artist and art therapist Georges Lamande. On the 1st August a walk from Cansiglio to the Grotto “Ander delle Matte” situated on Monte Cavallo with collective performances.
Make both our Io and body vibrate through the medium of song.
The first stage ,which is also the most important, is to explore the refinement of our senses and the perception of ourselves and our surroundings.
Feel our tensions, which prevent the free circulation of vibrations,and then eliminate them.
Meet with the FLOW, the matrix and essence of creativity.

Georges Larmande
Musician, singer and specialist in instruments for circular respiration and diatonic singing.
He has travelled widely in India, Pakistan. Mongolia, China and Japan in his search for the connections between art and daily life in the indigenous populations of animists, those with witch doctors and aboriginal.

“The dance of life is born from the memory of a touch”

Conductor of the laboratory: Dr. Gerolamo Minasi , Psycologist, Art therapist and dancing teacher Movimento Therapy at the Master triennale in Artiterapie ad indirizzo Psicophysiologic in Rome.
**The training course will take place at Santa Maria di Sala (Venezia) the days 15, 16 e 17 July 2010
Reservation required up
for any other information about time, cost andl place 348 7349968 /