The living environment is influenced by the pervasiveness of the theme of water that is reiterated by the topography of Lago itself. The elemental power of water, brings the opera to a natural dimension that can unleash a powerful force.
A big wave, immobilized in its wooden form, and minor elements specifically set in focal points of the festival, talk with the houses of the village leading the audience to the film sceening. Structures highly scenic and impactful, that with their jagged nature come to life, take life through the play of light and shadow. A new urban setting halfway between object and tale.




AtelierFraSe is a workshop who peruses its own research using art, architecture and design as communication medias. In addition to a specific research on architectural and design, through the merging of the figure of the architect with the one of the handicraftsman, AtelierFraSe investigates, through its work, the relationship between living space, urban space and the representation of architectural volumes. Seeking an active dialogue with urban contexts, the works of FraSe analyze typical typologies of buildings components and reinterpret them through the fusion of architectural forms and animal forms, making them representative of the imaginary situations referred to epic dreams, creating panoramas with high dramatic impact, in which the strength of the narration is combined to traditional constructive shapes and technologies.
Wood is the preferred media to represent the results of this continued research: wooden skeletons create volumes of theatrical with a big dreamlike impact, thanks to the entanglement that generates a vibrant chiaroscuro.
AtelierFraSe was found by the architects Francesco Gorni and Serena Montesissa.

arch. Francesco Gorni
arch. Serena Montesissa