The Barefoot Industry Days are a special two-day program dedicated to film professionals during Lago Film Fest.

25-26 July 2023

Revine Lago (TV)

Remember to buy your Industry Accreditation to gain access.

Seats are limited.

Decentralization is the topic of B.I.D., trying to address the consequences of the ongoing pandemic through an approach that could trace the new possibilities within an epochal change such as the one we are facing. 

Coming from the awareness of the transformation of urban centers and of the radical change that life will have, we want to focus on ways, tools, good examples to make cinema outside of large population centers, and specifically, within the micro-communities scattered throughout the Italian and European territory. 

This year focus will be on the possibilities to think, produce, direct and promote cinema in micro communities.

Dialogue, mentoring and discussion is the approach, hoping that this will provide participants with new perspectives, tools and inspiration for future involvement of micro-communities in artistic projects, cultural promotion and active citizenship. 

By keeping our feet in the lake, aware of the position from which we speak, we want to turn to all those who want to look ahead, to the future and to the new possibilities that are opening up before us.