The Veneto competition is one of the longest-running competitions in the history of the festival and gathers together the best of cinema production in the Veneto or films made in the Veneto region.

It is designed to be not only a survey of the state of cinema in the Veneto but also a cross-section of the themes, places and looks of the region. 

The Veneto competition will host a mix of new voices on the Veneto scene, expat authors on the rise and fascinating discoveries: 5 important and daring works that reflect the cultural ferment of the Veneto region in recent years and that in the pandemic have sought other ways of expression.

From following a young boy in the lagoon of Chioggia, to lockdown phone calls and reflections on space and movement, to the deconstruction of the Alps and the utopias of housing and urbanism, passing through the colonial past of Italy, through the Veneto competition we will come across a cultural-cinematographic ferment unique in Italy and in the authors that constitute it.

The selection:


L’Artificio / Francesca Bertin / 2020 / Documentary / Italy / 22’ / Italian Premiere

L’Africa Bianca / Filippo Foscari/Marta Violante / 2020 / Documentary / Italy / 23’

Quaranta Cavalli / Luca Ciriello / 2020 / Documentary / Italy / 10’ / International Premiere

Wer Bin Ich? / Sofia Negri / 2019 / Animation / Italy / 1’

652 miles = 0 (or the wonderful convenience of videocalling) / Giulio Gobbetti / 2021 / Documentary / Italy / 3’ / Italian Premiere