A focus on short movies that investigates the opportunities offered by totally visual communication.

The Signesthesia short film focus investigates the opportunities offered by a totally visual communication, which upon giving itself provokes a feeling of internal synesthesia in those who can benefit from it, generating a unique and unrepeatable experience since it’s completely subjective. Deaf cinematography makes Sign, color and image its own language and delves into the sonority of the visible, generating new ways of seeing, inevitably contaminated. 

The chosen short films are introduced directly into the structural characteristics of the structural modality of the visual world of the deaf: subtitled in English and Italian, in color and black and white, from hearing and deaf productions, they are narrative, animated and documentary shorts that cross the sound barrier allowing enjoyment by a diverse audience that will find itself immersed in a unique and synaesthetic cinematic language.

The selection:

A Sonic Pulse – Dorothy Allen-Pickard & Antoine Marinot

UK / 2019 / 8’ / Doc

Silent Film – Malcolm Venville

UK / 1998 / 11’ / Fiction

Synchromy – Norman McLaren

Canada / 1971 / 7’ / Anima

4 – Bim Ajadi

UK / 2014 / 6’ / Fiction

Viaje a japón – Dante Zaballa

Argentina / 2018 / 4’ / Anima