Fulvio Risuleo

Lago Film_Residency 2023

Project selected for Lago Film Residency:
in writing stage

Fulvio Risuleo was born in Rome in 1991 to artist parents. At a very young age he made the films Lievito Madre (2014) and Varicella (2015) which screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the latter winning best short film in the “Semaine de la Critique”. His feature debut is a visionary and bold film, reminiscent of the craftsmanship of early Wes Anderson or Michel Gondry cinema. Entitled Look Up, he calls it “a road movie on the rooftops of Rome” and has chosen the talented Giacomo Ferrara (already applauded in Suburra – The Series) as the main character. The film, after being in competition in Rome and Rotterdam, will be released in Italian theaters on October 18, 2018. As a cartoonist he has published the book “Pixel” (2016), “The Undecided Hydra” (2018), Sniff (2019) and Passatempo (2020), as a director in 2019 he directed his second feature film, The Shot of the Dog. In the same year he made Italy’s first interactive web series The Ziqqurat Case, a detective story in eight episodes. In 2022 he again directed Edoardo Pesce in the film Notte fantasma, which was presented at the Venice Film Festival.