curated by Mirta Ursula Gariboldi and Mayara Yamada

When talking about water we are referring to the landscape, the fluids and fluxes – but also wet bodies, swimming bodies, bodies that cross the water and emerge somewhat different than before. When in contact with the water, the body becomes undefined – it swims as in a perpetual quest.

When talking about water we are also referring to shimmering identities, bodies uncovering themselves and unfolding in new prospects, swimming against the currents in multiple becomings.

When in contact with the water, the body becomes undefined, it swims as in a perpetual quest.

Lago – Água proposes a programme of videoperformance that traces a cartography of Brazil. A varied selection of performers and visual artists proposes here to think of water as a transforming element: slowly, it erodes bodies and corrodes the landscape, moulding reality incessantly. Water is an essential element of Brazil’s landscape.

This huge, distant and varied land is touched by water in

its multiple forms – broad rivers, seas, floods, storms. It is impossible to talk about the Brazilian territory without thinking of water – or even to conceive of Brazilian culture without it. Brazil is a wet land: Brazilians don’t know what it means to be arid: they burst with emotions, sweat, warmth.

These videoperformances cross Brazil from north to south, from the rainforests surrounding the Amazon River, to the Atlantic Ocean washing the shores of Salvador de Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. On this journey, water assumes various forms and functions: it is tradition, it is seawater brushing remote islands, it is a mirror, a necessity, a change, a transformation, a symbol of militancy, a ritual, the means through which a collective cry propagates, it is eros, cleansing, healing, identity.

The works presented by Lago – Água are, each in their own way, a rite of passage: they will make you sink into the abyss of a country-continent in the constant process of reinventing itself, and they will make you reimagine a culture that is often crushed by stereotypes. Enjoy the immersive experience.

Lago – Água is a nine-piece video installation of different Brazilian artists’ work, it will be displayed around the little town of Lago during the course of the entire festival.

The works on screening


Indira Dominici

Choreography: Nina Velho

Brazil – France, 2016, 2’24’’

No mundo de caos, um banho de cosmos

Frutífera Ilha

Brazil, 2020, 2’58’’

Ilhas Desconhecidas


Brazil, 2019, 13’52’’


Mayara Yamada

Brazil – France, 2016-19, 6’40’’


Tales Frey

Brazil – Portugal, 2010, 11’33’’


Miro Spinelli

Brazil, 2013, 5’11’’

Apesar do apocalipse, há o tempo

Laryssa Machada

Brazil, 2019, 1’19’’

Arte à Venda

Coletivo Liquida Ação

Brazil, 2007, 9’30’’


Luciana Magno

Brazil, 2019, 5’50’’