Special Screening
July 27th
9.00 p.m. – Livelet Schermo


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In Lak’ech is a Mayan greeting. It means “I am another you”. There might be something unnatural in the sense of separation on which much of modern thinking is founded. Thomas Torelli’s Un altro mondo (Another world) is a documentary that openly defies this vision by rediscovering the value systems of ancient societies and explaining how quantum physics is rediscovering the knowledge of ancient tribal civilisations and how they interpret the connection between humanity and the Universe.

With this event and the screening of this film, Lago Film Fest declares sustainability as its new field of research and analysis, also with the intent to ask questions and gather fresh points of view through a competition for short films produced by primary, secondary and high school students. L’Effetto Farfalla (Butterfly Effect) award is dedicated to the memory of Tommaso Corazza, who passed prematurely away in March 2017. With his personal interests, Tommaso inspired a competition that intends to encourage young people to reflect on the theme of the relationship between the individual/person with the system/Universe, dodging rhetoric and using the universal language of cinema. The competition will be launched during this 13th edition of Lago Film Fest and will take place in 2018.

Thomas Torelli / Italy / 2014 / 63’ / Doc