Llinás & Piñeiro: Argentinean video letters – LFF2021

During the first quarantine, La Casa Encendida in Madrid proposes to two great Argentinean directors to exchange letters in video form, which LFF presents as an Italian premiere

Mariano Llinás & Matías Piñeiro need no introduction, they are among the most important names in New Argentinean Cinema, they are the ones who bring the stories and images of the deep south of South America to major festivals around the world.


Llinás and Piñeiro are also two friends, who talk about cinema and the world through two completely different looks that offer rich, amusing, distant reflections.


The first in Buenos Aires, the second in New York, they had an epistolary relationship in audiovisual form during the first months of 2020, when Covid blocked the whole world.

Thus was born the project Hay cartas que detienen un instante más la noche, which we proudly present as an Italian premiere in the Lago Film Fest Espanso.


Four letters and four answers that move in the terrain between art and experimental cinema create a parallel dialogue that follows a single thread: distance, not only as a possibility to give life to a correspondence, but also as a problem that crosses us in the present. Letters are the kind of text that we return to over and over again, if they have not been destroyed or burnt, and each reading offers new ideas, desires, memories.


Each evening a different video letter will be screened in a dedicated location in the Espanso Festival. On 31 July and 1 August all the video letters will be screened in a loop, we hope you enjoy them.