PODOM: The screen reachable in a gondola – LFF2021

PODOM is the first film by the painter Olivia Funes Lastra, set in a site-specific installation hidden in the lake, which can only be visited by water

Olivia Funes Lastra was born in New Zealand, has Argentinian origins and lives in France, and has lived in many other countries in her life. She paints and creates installations with canvases and textiles, in an attempt to create colourful architectures that think about the places we live in and how they construct our subjectivities. Art, for Olivia, is a way to feel in the midst of places and languages.


All this is PODOM, the artist’s first video-installation, which we present as a world premiere at Lago Film Fest. PODOM is a film, which is actually a walk along the seashore, a journey around the water accompanied by different voices, languages and stories, weaving and blurring the same path.

Thinking of a site-specific installation, in dialogue with the lake territory and the climate of Lago, Olivia conceived PODOM as a surprise, as a journey, as a discovery.


The work will be installed in the lake of Revine Lago and will be accessible only by gondola, for a small but powerful journey, which will take theǝ spectatorǝ every evening to get lost in the silence of the water and the stars, in search of a multiple, multilingual, multiform story that will open the eyes to this and many other landscapes.


The gondola will depart every 20 minutes from the floating pier, every evening of the festival, from 20:30 to 24.