CIANG: Animation in the Espanso Festival – LFF2021

We invited CIANG to build OTOSCOPIA, a crazy journey into the head of the animation duo.

We fell in love with Francesca Colombara and Matteo Dang in 2019, when we selected them for Lago Film Fest’s Diciottocchi artistic residency. Now, 2 years later, we can say with certainty that we were right: we present the Italian promises of international illustration and animation.


CIANG is a 2d animation studio based in Italy, CIANG is the fusion of Francesca Colombara (Cianci) and Matteo Dang. CIANG is a logo, it is a protagonist in the world of its creators.


Theirs is an imagery populated by strange and irreverent creatures, often deformed and strictly in 2D, that seem to come out of a cheeky, insolent and biting world. Essential and spontaneous like a punch in the stomach with their acid and vivid colours, CIANG’s creatures shout and claim the freedom to be themselves and to have their say, with or without a moustache.

All this and much more is concentrated in OTOSCOPIA, an installation that CIANG has created especially for the Espanso Festival, a journey inside the crazy head of the protagonist of their stories, an increasingly dazed and stoned path that aims to draw an overview of the work of the animation duo.


The journey begins when a fly enters CIANG’s ear and gets lost in his brain and imagination: starting from the video clip of Marte, by Manfredi Simonetti, the fly gets lost in a drunken and surreal dance, directed by the music, lines and crazy colours of Francesca Colombara and Matteo Dang’s imagery, which will take it out of CIANG’s mind completely stoned and dazed.


CIANG’s installation will be visible in the Festival Espanso during all the evenings of the Lago Film Fest, from 7pm to midnight.