Piero Percoco: premiere of his first movie – LFF2021

The young Apulian photographer, who is becoming more and more renowned, more and more pop, arrives at Lago Film Fest and presents This is the way, step inside, his first film as a preview,  shown at the Espanso Festival.

Piero Percoco is the rainbow is underestimated: his very popular Instagram profile portrays Puglia, its everyday life and colours in all its forms, in the landscape that surrounds him, in the people he meets, in the customs and traditions of southern Italy.

His photos have been published in magazines such as The New Yorker, Vogue Italia, D – Repubblica, Rolling Stones. He has collaborated – among others – with Marni, Leica and lately with Luis Sal, for whom he has made portraits as the cover of his first book.

Piero Percoco has introduced a very precise photographic style in Italy and has succeeded in making mobile phone photography his signature technique. This is the way, step inside is an audiovisual portrait of the life and eyesight of the photographer, who introduced a new way of taking photographs using amateur devices.

The film, which will be premiered as an installation at the Espanso Festival, is narrated as follows by Gianvito Novielli.

In the water, the winter sky and the song of the wind are reflected in orange clouds and thick densities. Advertising and prayers are mixed in the ordinary flow of lives. In shriveled and smiling bodies the people of the village wait, smoking; participating in the scenography of the streets.


Oh, wonderful waves of the sea that play and ring their heartbeats, move diagonally, cross each other and then come back in with their staff, like old ladies.


Tv. Return to the sun. Everything remains so daily. Music of the night, touch me. Procession of the night, follow me. Talk to me, talk to me? There is a white plastic cup that caresses a summer table.


The wrinkled skin crosses the Mediterranean shore like a prayer. The women discuss as usual how each feline cleanses itself, slowly into the day; time, sculpted from shelled fruit, could play any music. Any music. Everything would remain unarmed.


lyrics Clouds, snow-white clothing hung out to take the afternoon. Night and day. Night and day are curved. The beam tattoos my eyes through the blinds. I look at you, but who knows if you notice it; because hardly anyone notices the daily flow.

This is the way, step inside will be visible in the Festival Espanso, from 19h to 24h, during all the days of the festival.