Lago Dance Fest into the Expanded Festival – LFF2021

The historical Lago Film Fest project dedicated to dance, multiplies into different projects. In addition to the Moving Bodies Competition, there will be several installations in the Expanded Festival.

Lago Dance Fest since 2015 populates the festival with performers presenting site-specific works, in constant dialogue with the urban spaces and the nature of Lago. The project has been reformulated and has become multiform, plural and increasingly connected to the world of cinema.

First of all Moving Bodies, born as a focus dedicated to dance on video, has become an international competition. But that’s not all, within the Festival Espanso, Lago Dance Fest expands and presents Khorovod, a performance that will surprise the audience in different locations of the medieval village of Lago, La Danza in 1 Minuto, a collaboration with COORPI and 間 (MA), an absolute preview of Cristina Spelti’s latest project.

Khorovod is an installation-performance, a solo by the dancer Francesca Poglie, choreographed by Roberta Pisu and inspired by the dreamlike world of Federico Fellini. Every evening the work will appear in a different location, to open the eyes to surprising views of the village of Lago, to accompany the public to discover the Festival Espanso.


La Danza in 1 Minuto is a video dance contest organised by COORPI, an opportunity to express, through a 60″ video, what meanings dance in the broadest sense of the term can take on, and which at Lago Film Fest presents a selection of the best works.


間 (MA) is a series of video portraits of dancers and performers which, starting from the Japanese concept of the space between all things, opens a reflection on femininity and plurality. Eight female portraits, of which the first two, still in progress, will be presented at Lago Film Fest.


The three projects will be exhibited in the Festival Espanso, the two video installations will be visible from 19h to 24h, during all the days of the festival.